Sanitization Services

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Often, cleaning with just soap and water is not enough to clean your home or office premises to make it healthy and germ-free. Germs and bacteria tend to build up at any corner. These germs can be harmful to you and those surrounding you and can cause various diseases and infections. We take pride in our home sanitization services and office sanitization services.

Fogging and steaming are the best ways of sanitizing and disinfecting than other methods using harsh chemicals. It is more effective and environment-friendly, as it uses no harsh chemicals or cleaning agents and has low water sage dependency.

We use a disinfectant called VINNER Disinfect VITAL OXIDE which is approved by NSF (National Sanitization Foundation) International The hospital-grade disinfectant, VITAL OXIDE is Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) registered and environment friendly and gives out a transparent, colorless, and odorless fog, which reaches to every corner of your home or office, which otherwise is impossible to reach through normal cleaning. Vital oxide is a disinfectant for all kinds of surfaces including floors, doors, walls, tables, furniture, and other equipment. We ensure to sanitize your home and kill most of the harmful germs that can cause diseases. Fogging is also safe to do around children, food, and pets as it is eco-friendly, and is skin safe.