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Tile is a manufactured piece of hard-layering material such as ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or even glass generally used for covering roofs, floors, walls, or other objects such as tabletops. Tiles play a significant role in interior design, setting the look and feel of the house.

Tiles give a warm and an aesthetic feel to your home while also enhancing the beauty of it. However, Floor tiles tend to get dirty or break very easily. Primo specializes in tile replacement services in Dubai for residential and commercial properties. We undertake the needed grout repairs to make the surfaces look new again at an affordable price. We work keeping in view your budget and work in a timely fashion, and make sure that we leave our customers fully satisfied.

  • Tile installation and repairs services

  • Floor tile installation & repairs

  • Damaged tile replacement

  • Wall tile fixing services

  • Tile Repair & grout cleaning